Equity Research

Yield Mountain provides equity research on Malaysia-listed companies. Apart from the equity research reports, we also have Financial Commentary and Quarterly Results Updates to assist the investors in making informed investment decisions and understand the current industry outlook.

Equity Research focuses on the small to medium cap stocks with little research house coverage.
Financial Commentary* discusses the latest developments of the company and any observed trends in the industry based on contributor’s research.
Quarterly Results Updates* section discusses the latest quarterly trading performance of the companies under our coverage.

* Due to the amount of companies Yield Mountain covers, it may not be possible to cover all the important events and quarterly results published.



1) The opinions and views presented on this website (including the equity research reports) are based on facts and subjective judgements.
2) Any projections and estimations are based on assumptions deemed to be reasonable by the contributors which may be or may not be accurate. Market conditions, sentiment, and unforeseeable events could result in materially different outcomes than our estimates.
3) Past Performance is not necessarily an indicative of future performance.
4) Yield Mountain and its contributors will not accept for any losses (be it monetary or non-monetary) arising from the information contained on this website.
5) The equity research (including the reports) are not intended as an offer to buy or sell securities discussed.
6) Yield Mountain strongly recommends the readers to seek independent advice from their brokers to understand the investment risks arising from taking investment actions based on our equity research.
7) The contributors covering the stocks, at the time of initiating coverage, cannot have financial interests in the companies. However, we may invest in the companies in our coverage after 48 of the first-time cover. At the next review date, the contributors must declare its financial interests in the companies (excluded the passively-managed funds of which the contributors have no control over the allocation).
8) The contributors will not accept any fees from the companies under our coverage.
9) Yield Mountain has restricted stocks of which the contributors are prohibited from covering and must avoid if it meets one of the following criteria
      a) Existing or past work relationships with the companies prior to coverage.
      b) Covering the stocks that would undermine Yield Mountain’s independence.
10) Every care has been taken to produce materials at Yield Mountain. However, we do not hold ourselves responsible for the completeness and accuracy.
11) Opinions are subject to change without prior notice.
12) Yield Mountain’s research team only uses data obtainable through public sources and prohibited to use insider information in our research.