Financial Education


Hello, PropellerAds!

We like the ideas of spreading financial knowledge. Indeed, the beginning of Yield Mountain was two contributors with the right minded and highly enthusiastic about capital markets partnering together to provide a platform to share the knowledge and ideas to the investors. Apart from the Equity Research, Yield Mountain also has Financial Education which has two sections:

Applied Financial Analysis
AFA focuses on the practical analysis used on a daily basis. The topics covered are usually what we have encountered during our banking careers and usually, demonstrate the topics with companies’ financials. Some topics may be covered in our academic degrees and CFA curriculum. As the name Applied indicates, we will be going through the topics that the investors can apply to their analysis and Yield Mountain will illustrate with a case study.

Capital Markets
CM focuses on qualitative discussion on topics (theoretical and practical)s surrounding capital markets, with less emphasis on financial analysis. We will be reviewing key items based on knowledge gained from work experience and our readings from reputable sources.