We understand that it is difficult to build successful businesses, and it is even harder to obtain a buyer for your privately-held companies due to lack of industry connections, expertise in deal negotiating or even realistically valuing how much your companies worth.  We serve both sell-side and buy-side clients.

At Yield Mountain, we offer the following comprehensive unbiased advisory services (for sell-side clients):

  • Estimate firm’s value
  • Formulate optimal strategies
  • Identify strategic and financial buyers
  • Negotiate terms with identified buyers

If you want to invest in company with strategic fit to your existing portfolio, we can also:

  • Screen relevant / desired financial and operating parameters for potential investment candidates
  • Examine various factors such as cost saving, product/services growth, market share and geographical analysis.
  • Collecting preliminary information, valuation and determine its strategic / operating fit to current firm
  • Analysing financial impact of the acquisition
  • Developing the purchase proposal and strategy

Yield Mountain will invest our time to get to know your needs and our expertise to achieve your objectives. We will be here from originate, execute and finish while maintaining stricter standards. Contact us today to see how Yield Mountain can maximise your firm’s value.